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Greetings of CEO

Greetings of CEO

Suntech is aiming to be a trustable company, rather than the best


Electric power of today is a source of energy directly related to safety of large-scale facilities.
Credibility is the most important virtue of the generator in that it is the last bastion of the power supply to these facilities.
Furthermore, where there is no electricity, the generator supplies power to improve work efficiency and improving life with limitless availability.

Suntech has been stuck only to generator for 20 years. We have been giving our best effort to develop and research more credible generator for convenient and safe life of our customers.

Suntech has developed an independent control technology by resolutely breaking the conventional concept of the generator. Through this, we are suppling hyper-efficient generator to domestic and global market. Also, we are aggressively investing not only in fossil fuel energy generator, but also in new renewable energy industry. With this investment, we are attempting to be the specialists of energy generating and service.

We give you our words to be the leader of new generation of energy industry field with our faith of ‘the optimal customer satisfaction lies in the optimal technological development’.

Thank you.