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Defense industry

Application for defense industry

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With the permanent magnet generator, energy efficiency and durability is high. Suitable for sites with great frequency and time of usage. Optimal for generation vehicle or generator-mounted vehicle in that it is small-sized for its output.

Core technology

- Permanent magnet rotor

assembled rotor(smg-10k)

The permanent magnets are inserted into the rotor. Therefore, it does not require exciter and can be miniaturized with high efficiency compared to other generator with same output. Especially, the rotor of permanent magnet developed by Suntech is improved of output performance by applying patent of forming magnetic field and cooling structure

Application area

- General wide use and military generator

The permanent magnetic generator of Suntech is protected with metal case in order to be protected from outer environment. Inside of the case is applied with noise control technology of many years’ development. According to the usage, hyper-low noise under 60dB is available.

SMG-1.5k generator for charging Vulcan battery / Diesel engine generator set / Generator set for vehicle mounting