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General generator

General generator

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Standard model

- Specifications

Output: demander requirement (all-output levels are producible)
Phase: single/three
Voltage: 220/380V, 3300/6600V (other voltages are available)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Insulation level: H class

※Refer to detailed data catalogue

- Options

Control panel: Mounted/Separated type
Fuel tank: Mounted/Separated type
Soundproof: Bonnet type
Outdoor installation: House type

Soundproofing type

- Bonnet type

Noise level: When applied, more than 10dB can be declined
Moveable. Available to combine with trailer,
Minimizing the installation area

House Type

- House Type

Available for outdoor installation of generator
Internal installation of generator and miscellaneous (fuel tank, battery etc)
Convenient for inspection and maintenance