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Self-diagnosing precise synchronizing generator

Self-diagnosing precise synchronizing generator

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It is a generator that is developed for energy efficiency and improvement of energy quality. It is the most eligible for providing power
The fuel burden is low regardless of the operation time. Guarantee for the functionality and life expectancy of the equipment.

Main technology

- Exciter system with permanent magnet system

Exciter with permanent magnet does not require continued power supply of exciter. Hence, it has higher efficiency than normal generator.
Also, harmonic wave produced by the generator is not flown into the control system. Therefore, a stable control is available.

- Adaptive exciter control system

It changes control objective value according the exciter feature. Hence, it is possible to control precisely the conventional AVR control system.

Self-diagnosis for generating status and control command

Applicable engine

- Domestic engine

Doosan Infracore engine, Hyundai, Daedong Industry etc.

- Imported engine

MTU, Cummins, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar etc